Carpet Cleaning Tips: The Mover’s Guide to Clean Carpet

carpet-cleaningWhen it comes to buying and selling a house, moving in and out of an apartment, a proper carpet treatment is a crucial component to safeguarding a healthier home. Clean and new carpets can impress possible buyers and new owners. Below are simple steps to ensure your carpet is clean:

– Vacuum your carpets and rugs at least three times every week.

– Make sure to have your carpets and rugs cleaned by professional carpet cleaning company annually, at George Ayoub Carpet, we recommend the hot water extraction method to ensure that your carpets and rugs are treated properly. More regular cleaning for high traffic areas and extra dirty carpets may be required.

– In case of an accident like pet urine, spilled liquids, etc. quickly remove spots before they become permanent. Try to use extraction tool when possible, in addition to blotting. Groom over any affected areas with a towel to lift the carpet pile for a more uniform look. If you live in Reston or Sterling, Virginia and you are unable to remove the stain completely, contact the specialists at Sterling Carpet and Rug Cleaning.

When moving in a new house or apartment it’s a good idea to have your carpets and rugs a thoroughly cleaned before settling down. Professional carpet cleaning services clean below the surface gives your carpet a fresh start in your new home.

If you live in Reston, Virginia or Sterling, Virginia, below are some tips to help you select the proper carpet cleaning service:
– Schedule a carpet cleaning service before you move in, allowing enough amount of time for your carpets to dry before you move in. George Ayoub Carpet Cleaning hot water extraction cleaning meets most carpet manufacturers’ warranty requirements (if your carpet require special treatment, do let the carpet cleaning professional know). While many carpet cleaning methods can take longer time to dry, carpets cleaned by George Ayoub Carpet dry much faster, so you can move into your new home faster.

– Select a carpet cleaning company that has professional experience and a history in working with different kind of carpets. You can trust George Ayoub Carpet Cleaning specialists to enhance and improve the look of your carpets and rugs. If George Ayoub Carpet Cleaning can’t get the stain out of your carpet, no one can.

Whether you are buying or selling a house or condominium, your carpets and rugs are an important part of the process. Having your carpets and rugs cleaned professionally is a good way to give your home a facelift before showing potential buyers. A clean area rug can work as a great selling tool when properly placed in a room. Make sure to clean any dirty spots to give your property its best look.

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