Sterling, VA Carpet Cleaning: What Makes George Ayoub Carpet Cleaning Service Different?

There are many of carpet cleaning companies in Sterling, VA, so it makes sense for homeowners and office managers to wonder what can make one carpet cleaning company different than others. George Ayoub Carpet is different than its’ competitors because of their unique philosophy and approach to customers

George Ayoub Carpet & Rug Care is a family owned business serving customers in Northern Virginia for over 30 years, John himself is a successful entrepreneur and his son Jimmy who joined his father’s business many years ago, brought his talents and passion for helping customers to beautify their homes. “Turning a dirty carpet into new shiny one is something we enjoy doing”, says Jimmy, the president of George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care. “We love to see our customers enjoying their clean homes”, he added

It is a fact that the level of air pollution here in Sterling, VA is quite high, the quality of air in our homes is even lower than outside especially in the winter season when people keep their windows closed most of the time to keep the interior warm and this can affect the carpets as carpets can turn into a drain of bacteria which can cause various health issues such as allergies and Asthma and other breathing conditions as well as skin issues.

Effective and regular carpet cleaning is critically important during and after the winter season as it is the only way that can protect the health of the home inhabitants. George Ayoub Carpet is the company that understands these matters and uses the most advanced cleaning techniques to increase the safety of homes and offices in the Sterling, VA and the surrounding areas.

George Ayoub carpet cleaning website offers more detailed information about the different carpet and rug cleaning services as well as a Quote form for scheduling the service or making an inquiry for additional information. George Ayoub Carpet offers residential and commercial cleaning services for carpeting and upholstery.

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