Carpet Cleaning Tip: How to remove spilled wine from the carpet

carpet-cleaning-red-wine-stainsWine is made for entertaining, celebrations and social gatherings, but accidents happen and one quick slip can cause your carpet to soak up a good amount of your favorite drink. If this happens, you can always restore your carpet, simple follow these steps and remove that red wine stain completely before it becomes a permanent spot on your home’s carpet.

Important thing to keep in mind: Before starting any work on your carpet, check if your carpet is made from natural materials or containing special dyes and make sure that your carpet does not have certain cleaning requirements. If the event you are not 100% sure, don’t hesitate to contact a professional carpet cleaning company in Sterling, or Reston Virginia.

Once the accident happen and the wine is spilled on the carpet, bring a clean towel and begin by soaking up as much stain as you can. This is the basic stain removal rule. Remove as much of the stain as you can but do not scrub because that grinds the stain into the carpet.

After you have soaked up as much you can there is an item you may have in your house that can be very helpful and can help you get rid of that stain but always remember that before you begin applying any stain removal product or the items in your house, test this simple solution on a very small area of undamaged carpet.

If you have Club Soda in your house you can use it, because this bubbly mixture can work like magic and may help you eliminating most any stain. It works on the same concept of our Hot Carbon Extraction method. The bubbles help breakup the stain and the higher levels of acidity give it deeper stain removal control.

If you live in Sterling Virginia or Reston Virginia and you have stains tougher than red wine on your carpet, consider calling the experts at George Ayoub Carpet Cleaning at (703) 356-6186. Using a safe and effective stain removal method with the state of the art equipment, George Ayoub Carpet Cleaning can quickly and effectively remove tough stains out of your carpet, rug and upholstery for good.

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