Carpet cleaning Sterling VA tips for Removing Odors from Your Carpet

Carpet odors is a problem and many people worry about this problem when they invite guests over to their home. Carpet odors do not go away on their own and homeowners need to take action. Below are some easy-to-follow steps for getting rid of carpet odors in your home.

Let fresh air in

Fresh air is good for the carpets and the home in general, winter time can be tough sometime and many people are unable to keep their windows open enough so that fresh air can get in, at George Ayoub carpet cleaning in Sterling, VA we encourage our customers to open their windows for a minimum of one hour daily so that carpets can breathe that fresh air.


Carpets need care and to maintain the quality of the carpets, vacuuming is very important and it needs to be done regularly. Regular vacuuming give homeowners a chance at eliminating odors. Regular vacuuming can also save money and can extend the life of the carpets and rugs.

Regular professional carpet cleaning

Homeowners are encouraged to have their carpet cleaned twice a year, regular professional carpet cleaning keeps the carpet fresh and clean all year long. At George Ayoub Carpet we recommend that homeowners should only hire professional carpet cleaning companies that specializes in home carpet cleaning.

George Ayoub Carpet has been helping customers in Sterling, VA and Reston VA keeping their carpets odor-free since 1987. Our process is fast drying, which means customers can walk on their carpets after short amount of time. At George Ayoub Carpet, we are green and eco-friendly, our expert certified technicians guarantee your satisfaction. Visit to learn about our special offers, and get your carpets smelling fresh and clean today!

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