Professional eco-friendly carpet cleaning Sterling, VA

Hot Water Extraction Method
Hot Water Extraction Method
George Ayoub Carpet provides great professional eco-friendly carpet cleaning service in Sterling, VA, Reston, VA, Arlington, VA and the surrounding areas.

At George Ayoub Carpet we also offer rug cleaning solutions that are natural and green. We do not use material that contains harmful chemicals and only safe material is used to protect our customers’ families, pets and investment.

Some of our customers in Sterling VA have reported that previous carpet cleaning companies used material that contains chemicals for carpet cleaning which when not completely removed can damage the carpets and cause carpet discoloration.

George Ayoub Carpet cleaning service uses hot water extraction method to remove embedded dirt, dust and stains from carpet. And since we do not use harmful chemicals whatsoever there is no need to waste those extra gallons of water.

Having a clean environment in your house is crucial to you and your family’s health and well-being.
If you live in Sterling, Reston or Arlington VA and need carpet cleaning service, call the professionals at George Ayoub Carpet, our trained staff take their time to ensure that each issue with your carpets is addressed and executed, our carpet cleaning professional staff has true passion for seeing a finished product that is most satisfying to us, as well as you. Always remember, “We strive to exceed your expectations”.

Great service, prompt delivery, fabulous job! I had previously brought a carpet to Hadeed to clean. My elderly dog had soiled it. Hadeed returned it & a month later the odor came back. Hadeed told me they would re-clean it but I would have to pay again as I had waited too long! I sent it to Ayoub and was so thrilled with the results I sent them every carpet in my house!!!Andrea D. Alexandria, VA Read more reviews on Yelp

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