Virginia Flooring Sale: How to choose your hardwood floor

Hardwood floors make an excellent choice for virtually any room in your house, they are beautiful and long-lasting. The choice of the color, style, and construction type are crucial factors to consider when choosing the hardwood floors. The flooring specialists at Virginia Flooring Sale can help you make the right decision, with wide selection of hardwood floors, our associates can assist you adding the elegant look to your home.

Virginia Flooring Sale is Sterling, VA #1 flooring sale and installation service destination, from hardwood to carpet and luxury vinyl tile to laminate, for home, office, and any place with a floor.

Below are things to consider when shopping for your hardwood floors:

Color: Hardwood floors come in different colors and shades, the color ranges from light to dark and every tone in between. As a general rule, lighter floor colors go well with contemporary style while darker floor colors are generally gives the room and elegant and more antiquated style, at Virginia Flooring Sale we always remind our Sterling VA customers that the choice of color is essentially a matter of preference.

Style: Each hardwood style has its own character, and the character is naturally present in hardwood. The texture variations help determine a wood’s character. The texture itself suggests the feeling that the flooring gives. Dramatic texture has the rustic feeling to it while moderate texture variations give a traditional impression. Hardwood with soft texture has a sleek, contemporary look.

Construction: There are mainly categories of hardwood and both are available in our Sterling, VA hardwood flooring showroom—solid or engineered. Solid hardwood is made from single pieces of wood and has the attractive look, and they last for many years, while engineered hardwood are made from multi-layer of wood (with a core of plywood or HDF) engineered hardwood is designed to resist high levels of humidity. This means they can go in some rooms solid floors can’t.

Note that there are many different hardwood finishes ranges from gloss or luster, when visiting our Sterling VA flooring showroom ask our sales associates to show you samples and explain the difference.

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