Tips to maintain healthier carpets

Top 5 tips to maintain  cleaner and healthier carpets this spring. When you’re ready for a professional carpet cleaning company call the manufacturer and get their cleaning recommendations, carpets are made differently and knowing your carpets helps you determine the best cleaning method and saves your carpets.

Tip 1: Vacuum regularly.
Regular weekly vacuuming, especially in areas that have high traffic prevent dirt from going deeper inside the carpet fibers, which becomes harder to reach and remove. It is recommended to vacuum the carpets at least once or twice a week, use corner pieces to reach the corner areas and stairs.

Tip 2: Cover high traffic areas.
Small rugs and runners in entrances and hallways on top of the carpets in area with high traffic not only gives your home a nicer look, but also it can help reducing wear and tear and that can also gives the carpets longevity.

Tip 3: Use doormats.
Most of the dust and dirt that is found in the carpet is brought from outside, keeping matts inside and outside the house can significantly reduce the amount of dirt so make sure you have doormats are placed both inside and outside your doors. Vacuum the mats regularly.

Tip 4: Take off Shoes.
To avoid spending more money on professional carpet cleaning try making this a habit, taking the shoes off at the door is very effective way to keep dirt out.

Tip 5: Clean up stains and spots right away.
At George Ayoub Carpet andRug Care we recommend that you vacuum dry spills like powders immediately and blot wet spills like milk or wine with absorbent cloth right after it happens, wet spills can damage the carpets and dry spills can change the color of the affected spot, so grab your vacuum and the cloth right away.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning company can be difficult, when you’re ready to have your carpets cleaned, choose a company with experience and knowledge and always ask questions to make sure you’re hiring the right people, ask about the cleaning method and whether they use any chemicals.

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