Oriental Rug Cleaning in Sterling and Reston Virginia | How to clean your rug

Rug Cleaning Reston VirginiaWhen it comes to oriental rug cleaning, we stand alone in providing the highest quality of service to the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Areas, learn more about our oriental rug cleaning service in Sterling and Reston Virginia

How to clean your oriental rug:

  • Clean the stain right away
    By doing this you’ll be doing yourself a big favor, cleaning stained spots right away saves you headache and money. Letting a stain settle in your rug will eventually damage your Oriental rug and will be costly when professional cleaning is needed.
  • Clean your Oriental rug once a month
    Even if you think that your rug is clean. Oriental rugs pick up dirt fast, so try to clean it at least once a month to make sure the dust not settle in the rug fibers.
  • Vacuum the 2 sides of the rug
    Most people clean the one side of the rug, ignoring the other side could also damage the rug, flip one corner of your rug and give it a kick, if you see a lot of dust, this means your rug needs a professional cleaning and to our Sterling and Reston customers we always recommend professional Oriental rug cleaning performed regularly, especially for high end rugs. Visit Carpet Cleaning Reston, VA, Carpet Cleaning Sterling, VA to learn more
  • Use a mix a water an white-vinegar to clean your rug
    Mix water vinegar (3 parts water and 1 part vinegar)
  • Do not use soap or harsh chemicals on your rug
    Remember that your Oriental rug (like many oriental rugs) may be made with vegetable dyes and the colors can easily fade. Chemicals are big reason for rug colors to fade. At George Ayoub Carpet, we recommend to avoid using soap because there is no way to get rid of it 100%, especially if you don’t have the space to rinse it with a hose. Vinegar is an old way to clean Oriental rugs, using vinegar can make the colors.
  • Use light brush and work it through the fringes.
  • If the fringes are pure white, apply less vinegar and place a fan on the fringes to dry it faster.
  • Use a fan to dry the rug faster avoid keeping the Oriental rug wet for long

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