Why you should hire professional carpet cleaning company in Vienna, VA?

There are many ways to clean the carpets at your home or office. According to George Ayoub Carpet Care, a leading carpet cleaning company in Vienna, VA, which specializes in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning for both residential and commercial clients, having the carpets and rugs professionally cleaned is the best and maybe the most cost effective way to do this.

George Ayoub Carpet Care, which was founded in 1987, is voted Vienna’s top carpet cleaning company. Although the company is mainly specialized in carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, their professional team can clean and maintain upholstery, wood floor installation, tiles and grout. Committed to providing the best customer service, the company offers 100% customer satisfaction; they promise to always deliver excellence in an honest and ethical manner. “We stand behind our reputation in providing all of our customers with the highest quality of service. If you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning provided by George Ayoub Carpet & Rug Care, Please contact me directly we will gladly return and make it right.” Says Jimmy Ayoub, president of George Ayoub Carpet Care

There’s a big difference between doing the carpet cleaning job yourself and hiring professionals to do the job, a professional carpet cleaning company do things differently using tools and materials that are made especially to do the job. Professional carpet and rug cleaning companies have the knowledge, skills and experience to clean carpets properly without causing damage.

Here are few things that a professional carpet cleaning company can do that you cannot:

  • Professional carpet and rug cleaning companies have enough experience to differentiate between the different types of carpets and rugs and they know how to treat them accordingly,
  • Professional carpet and rug cleaning companies have the knowledge to determine the best cleaning method based on the environment surrounding the carpet or rug, the age of the carpet and the amount of traffic.
  • Professional carpet and rug cleaning companies know how much cleaning material to use. The amount of the cleaning solution used to clean the carpet is very critical since it is a lot stronger than products sold in the store, professional carpet cleaners know how much material is enough to remove stubborn dirt, tough stains, and bacteria.

Some homeowners or office cleaners soak and vacuum their carpets regularly and by doing this not only carpets can attract dirt, dust, dust mites and bacteria, but also it can damage the carpet fibers later because once these things gather and stick to the carpet fibers, they will be really hard to remove. Some homeowners try to remove stain and dirt by themselves and they eventually end up having to replace the carpet because their lack of experience often result in damaging their own carpets.

George Ayoub Carpet Care the professional carpet cleaning company in Vienna, VA hires licensed technicians that are trained to remove all kinds of particles from the carpet without causing damage. By hiring the a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job, homeowners save time and money.

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