Carpet and Rug Repair Service in Loudoun County, VA

Over time or because of a bad installation, carpet can relax and start to show wrinkles and ripples. Before you go the expensive route of replacing your carpet, consider calling George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care, with over twenty-five years helping customers in McLean, VA, our expert team will examine your carpet and they will be able to tell if your carpet can be restored, in many cases we were able to restore carpets and repair rugs thought to be impossible to restore. Our team of specialized professionals have years of experience treating carpets with different conditions.

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If your carpet is one year old or less and you started to see wrinkles and ripples, you may want to start by calling the company you purchased the carpet through. Generally speaking, carpets that are less than one year old should look relatively new and should not need to be re-stretched.

At George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care we offer free consultation so the first thing you’ll want to do is to call us and schedule an appointment. If we are unable to give you an estimate over the phone and you live within our service area, we will send one of our technicians to evaluate your carpet, it’s sometimes hard to quote carpet treatment over the phone. There are many factors that determine the price, although we might not offer the lowest price in the area but our service is back by 100% Satisfaction guarantee and by our over 25 year of service. If we send a technician, some of the things that the professional will look at are the conditions of the carpet, the size, damage, etc. Our technicians will know exactly what they are dealing with to ensure that they are able to get the job done correctly – the first time!

In addition to Carpet Cleaning service in McLean, VA, George Ayoub Carpet offers the industry’s leading products for all your flooring needs. We offer all types of flooring. Whether you’re looking for hardwood, engineered, or laminate floors, our specialists are here to help. Please call us at 703.356.6186.

We are Proudly serving Loudoun County including McLean and the surrounding areas with the highest quality carpet and rug cleaning since 1987

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