Carpet Cleaning: Top Common Mistakes

Spot cleaning is something we all deal with from time to time. There are  ways to clean a spot on your carpet, but there are things you should definitely avoid when it comes to carpet cleaning or rug cleaning:

No. 1: The use of over the counter carpet and rug cleaning products
Avoid using the over the shelf cleaners! In general we recommend not using these products because they can eventually damage the carpet fibers. You should not use those products marketed as “carpet cleaning sprays” or “carpet cleaning foams” not only because they do not do any good to your carpet, but also, the fact is many of them leave residue in the carpet fibers. The excess of the material from these products left in the carpet or rug will stay and will attract dust, and eventually will create brown spots in the area that you cleaned, so leave those products.

No. 2: The use of colored towels
Avoid using colored towels! Many people do this without knowing that when they use a colored towel, they can damage the carpet because the color of the towel bleeds onto the carpet fibers, this case is known as color transfer. We always tell our customers that they should not ever use a dark colored towel when trying to clean a light color carpet because this most likely damage the carpet. We recommend that you always use a white, cotton towel or white paper towels to do cleaning work.

No. 3: Rubbing and Scrubbing
There is a difference between rubbing and blotting, and we always say do not rub or scrub, only blot. This rule may sound straightforward bur in fact it is not easy to follow and it is a major and maybe the most common carpet cleaning mistakes that many people do. We are have learned that rubbing and scrubbing is the only and most effective way to clean things, right? Well, when it comes to carpet clearing, it’s exactly the other way around. Scrubbing the carpet will only spread the damage around to other areas of the carpet, making the problem even bigger. So only blot. If you want to put a pressure on the area you’re trying to clean, just stand on it. The pressure helps to transfer the soil or spill to the towel you are cleaning with.

Spills happen but if you know what to use and what to avoid, you will extend the life of your carpets and rugs.

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