Carpet Cleaning Spring Promotions by George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care

George Ayoub Carpet and rug care the Sterling, VA based carpet cleaning specialists and oriental rug cleaning experts have launched their spring cleaning promotion to encourage customers to take advantage of their specialized cleaning services during spring.

This promotion was created to help Sterling homeowners get a great discount on carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and carpet and hardwood flooring sale with 10% off
any cleaning service when they spend $250.00 or more and $2.25 square foot carpet sale. More information is available at

In addition to their signature carpet cleaning service, George Ayoub Carpet and rug care is considered #1 rug cleaning company in Sterling, VA specializing in hand washing and cleaning Oriental rugs and Persian rugs. George Ayoub Carpet and rug care team of experts treat each rug as a unique piece because no two rugs are the same.

“Our team inspects the rugs and carpets before starting the cleaning process, they first evaluate the carpet or the rug, they examine the fibers and color, they look for any damaged areas before they perform the work, they check every corner to ensure that carpets and rugs stay in optimal condition throughout and after the cleaning process.” Said Jimmy Ayoub, the president of George Ayoub Carpet and rug care.

“Our well-trained team have many years of experience handling some of the finest and most delicate of materials, we have cleaned some of the most expensive rugs and carpets, many of them were inherited down from generation-to-generation.” he added.

George Ayoub Carpet and rug care has over 30 years of experience and pride themselves on delivering the highest quality services to homeowners in Sterling, Reston and Arlington VA and the surrounding areas. Their carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services are unmatched in Northern Virginia, and they also offer a five-stars customer service.

To find out more about the George Ayoub Carpet and rug care’s spring cleaning offers, call 703.356.6186 or visit

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