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According to a new research, 62% of American homes have pets living in them. Unfortunately, accidents happen and pet stains is a common problem but a professional carpet cleaner should know how to get rid of the pet odor and stain and make your carpet loo and smell fresh.

If you’re just dealing with a minor pet urine accident, try this Do-It-Yourself trick for cleaning the pet urine. First, cover the affected area with a clean, dry towel (cotton material is preferred). Stand on the towel for few minutes, your body pressure will help the absorb some of the urine. Next, remove the towel and spray the area with a mixture of white vinegar and water (About fifty/fifty) and then repeat the first step by covering the spot again with another clean, dry, towel and stand on it. Try to remove as much as you can by repeating this few times. You can also use an in-home carpet cleaner if you have one at home, always try a mixture of white vinegar and water rather than buying a ready cleaning solutions. Using vinegar can help getting rid of odor and it doesn’t leave sticky residue like some over the counter products.

If you have pet damage, call the professionals at George Ayoub Carpet & Rug Care (Carpet Cleaning Loudoun County VA) to ensure longevity of your carpets and rugs.

When it comes to pet damage whether from urine, it is important to act quickly and take care of deep down cleaning and not just surface cleaning. Read more, about Pet Damage, visit:

Professional carpet cleaning (Carpet Cleaning Reston VA) process can help keeping your carpet clean and fresh. It is also important to note that if you have your carpet cleaned without treating the pet stains, the affected areas may smell even worse following the cleaning and the reason for that is, over time, the pet urine dries up, the odor subsides BUT the urine stays and when affected area get hit with high-temperature steam the smell may come back stronger and the mixture of moisture and heat that come from the steam cleaning can re-activate all the urine at once.

If you live in Loudoun County, VA and have pet stain occurs often, we recommend to have your carpet cleaned professionally and regularly to remove pet urine, odor and stain.

If you’re having pet stain or pet odor problems, make sure that that the carpet cleaner you hire have the right tools and equipment to treat pet stains. The experience can make a big difference and the result can be different as well, at George Ayoub Carpet, we recommend that you hire a carpet cleaner who stays on top of the latest cleaning advances in pet odor removal and can offer you a variety of treatment options. The Better Business Bureau is always a good resource for a quality carpet cleaning company.

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