Carpet Cleaning: Five reasons to have your carpets cleaned year round

Carpet Cleaning in Sterling, VAAs the weather warms and people start hanging out outdoors, it is crucial that homeowners don’t ignore what needs to be done inside. There are different reasons why carpets should not be ignored says Jimmy Ayoub, manager at George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care, in Sterling and Reston VA, he recommends getting professional carpet cleaning regularly. Below are some reasons to have carpets cleaned year round.

  1. If the right cleaning method is used, the carpet cleaning can prolong the life of your carpets and rugs. Regular carpet cleaning using the hot water extraction method can extend the life of carpets considerably, protecting your investment.

    2. Regular carpet cleaning enhances the quality of indoor air. Carpets and rugs trap airborne pollutants; and eventually these pollutants need to be removed to save the carpet from harm and keep up indoor air quality.

    3. It makes maintaining the carpets easier because most carpet soiling is made up of dry soil; when carpets are kept thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, using the vaccum regularly can help removing most dry soils.

    4. Makes the carpet and rug shiny and spotless. Regular carpet cleaning helps remove spots and stains, which protects carpeting from damage.

    5. A Healthier home. Carpet an rug cleaning prevents buildup of allergens and bacteria. Moist soiling of carpets can result in the buildup of several unhealthy contaminants.


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