Area Rug Cleaning in McLean, VA

Area Rug Cleaning in McLean Virginia

You have area rugs and they may be ready for a vacuum cleaning. Rest assured, you can trust your rugs with George Ayoub Carpet cleaning, repair and restoration. George Ayoub Carpet has been serving McLean Virginia and the surrounding areas with the best area rug cleaning for over twenty-five years.  From small rugs and carpets to oriental and Persian rugs, George Ayoub Carpet will provide you with the best area rug cleaning service.

When it comes to rug cleaning and carpet cleaning, George Ayoub Carpet stands alone in providing the best quality of service to our customers in McLean Virginia in addition to Loudoun County.

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George Ayoub Carpet offers a variety of area rug services to customers in McLean Virginia, those services include carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning and rug repairs to meet your needs and the unique needs of your rugs. You can choose from in-home synthetic rug cleaning or in-store rug cleaning. Each and every rug is treated according to its unique needs.  George Ayoub Carpet Care uses extremely gentle and very effective cleaning methods to treat the toughest conditions like severe soil or urine situations.

Before you make the call to find out more about George Ayoub Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning service, take a minute to review the questions below:

– Do you know what your rug is made of?

– Is your rug made of synthetic, wool, or silk?

– What is the size of your area rug?

– Does the area rug have urine or severe soil residues?

– Do you prefer to have your area rug cleaned in your house or in-store?

– If you prefer the in-store cleaning service, will you be delivering your area rug or would you like it picked up by one of our technicians?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help us determine the best way to treat your area rug. If you are ready to start your area rug cleaning service or if you would like to learn more, please contact us today, call (703) 356-6186.

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