5 Tips for Winter Cleaning

6308345_origMany of us start feeling that urge to deep clean our homes when winter rolls around. In fact, the holiday preparation rituals are practically hard wires into the heads of most homeowners. But here is the question…why spend a lot of time cleaning right when holiday season is around the corner?

Why not do it before. We recommend the following 5 things to work on right before the holidays:

1. Clean The Furnace
Change it once a month or every two months. Cleaning the furnace can help making your home more energy efficient, and helps keeping the air clean. Make sure to look at the furnace itself, if it is covered with dust, make sure to vacuum it up.

2. Clean Your Carpets, Rugs and Floorings professionally
Because we live in Sterling and Reston Virginia, our floors get trashed in the winter. Salt and dust go in between every carpet fiber, and the hardwood or laminate floors take on an unpleasant whitish polish. To battle this, steam clean your carpets and rugs and clean the floorings.

3. Dust
Houses get sometimes dusty in the fall season due to the air inside is so warm and dry. Dust your surfaces from top to bottom to help keep the dust to a manageable level. Dust your ceiling fan blades, tops of window moldings, tops of books too- all these are often forgotten and they collect good amount of dust, easily. Dust your lighting fixtures as well, dust easily collects on lighting fixtures during the winter too, and can make your indoor light look dingy. This will make a good difference in brightening your house. A lot of people opt for air ducts professional cleaning. This can dramatically reduce the amount of dust and germs and allergens floating around, it also can help your furnace run more efficiently.

4. Get your windows cleaned
If you usually light up candles or have a fireplace, your windows may have a thin layer of soot on the inside, this can good amount of natural light and sun. Try to give your windows a wipe down often. I recommend using vinegar mixed with water, and it works wonderfully.

5. Kitchen Ceiling Cleaning
This can be very important; your kitchen ceiling likely has an invisible layer of funk on it, created by all the moisture, vapors and smoke resulting from cooking. Mix a small amount of dish soap in a bucket of warm water and gently scrub with a sponge. If you notice any discoloration or streaking, stop right away.

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