Upholstery Cleaning in Ashburn, VA

Some of our furniture is expensive and instead of replacing it, we should restore. George Ayoub Carpet is the premier upholstery cleaning Ashburn, VA service. Our well-trained team of professional technicians is able to clean all kinds of fabrics utilizing the best cleaning methods available on the market with a quick drying times and eco-friendly protection to leave your Upholstery look and smell fresh. At George Ayoub Carpet, we use material that is safe for kids & pets, call us for details at (703) 356-6186.

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning
Our furniture is the joy of a home and in many cases, expensive and sentimental. “We treat our customers’ furniture like it is our own and we completely understand the value of our customers’ investment” says Jimmy Ayoub the resident of George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care, “we take all safety measures and our team follow specific procedures to ensure no damage occurs” He added.

Our team take the time to understand the material and fabrics before the correct solution is selected and applied. The fabric is cleaned with a low moisture steam cleaning system that deeply yet delicately cleans the furniture. Our expert technicians are highly trained and use attention to detail to make sure to carefully remove any miscellaneous stubborn stains. We also offer deodorization services to sanitize and refresh your upholstered surfaces.

Mattress Cleaning Ashburn, VA
In Addition to upholstery cleaning, George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care also offer mattress cleaning to customers in Ashburn, VA and Loudoun county to disinfect and remove the allergens, dust mites, and other particles found within the mattress layers. Mattress cleaning also prevents and kills bed bugs, allowing you to lengthen the life of your mattress.

George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care is uses a completely eco-friendly material that acts as a umbrella-like layer to the surface of your upholstery for preventing spills from becoming stubborn. It also allows for easier extraction during routine maintenance.

To learn more about our carpet cleaning service in Ashburn, VA please call us at (703) 356-6186 or schedule your free in-home consultation by filling out a short form at the link below and we will be in touch very soon


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