How to take care of your Hardwood Floor

hardwood-floorHardwood adds beauty to your home floorings, it is stylish and luxurious and a great investment, at Virginia Flooring Sale we carry some of the best quality hardwood material. If you have hardwood floor in your home take care of it, and it will live more than twenty years before you need to refinish it. In Sterling, VA, high quality hardwood floors can live very long and after that all you need is to refinish it and your hardwood will look like new again!

Here are some tips to care for your hardwood floor and help you keep your hardwood floor look great:

Sweep at least once a week and use a damp cloth to clean dirty spots, and don’t use wax because that could cause the hardwood to look dull, and wax on hardwood floors will help collecting dirt and debris.

If you use a vacuum, make sure that you turn the rotating brush off because that can leave marks on the hardwood floor.

Avoid walking with dirty shoes on your hardwood floor, wet and dirty shoes can damage your hardwood floor, make it a habit to use slippers or socks instead.

Use pads to the feet of the furniture that sits on the hardwood flooring, this can be critical as sliding furniture like heavy couches, tables and chairs can scratch and damage the hardwood. At Virginia Flooring Sale, we recommended that you pick up the furniture when moving it, do not slide it over the hardwood flooring

Use a humidifier when running a forced-air furnace to maintain adequate moisture content in the wood and keep it from shrinking and causing gaps

Avoid using rubber mats because they keep the moist trapped on the hardwood which can create mold and eventually damage the hardwood.

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