Rug Pads Qestions and Answers

Is using a Pad under m oriental Rug a good idea? Why Do I Need Rug Pad?
RugPadsYes. It is very important to use a rug pad under your oriental rugs. A rug pad serves in many different ways. One, it prevents the rugs from sliding or moving. Two, it protects your rug from early ware. Three, it protects your floors finish from ware and discoloring. Lastly it helps with spills. Example. If your cat or dog has an accident and it goes through the rug, a rug pad will absorb and prevent any spills from penetrating through to the wood floors.

Is there different Types of Under Pad For Area Rugs?

Yes. Although there are many off the shelve rug pads, only a few are designed to serve a true purpose. When buying a rug pad, you should always buy one that is rubberized on the bottom and synthetic on top. Names of pads: nonskid, Dura-mat, Dura-hold

Where to buy Rug Pad? What is the average cost?
In order to obtain the right pad for you rug and needs, it is important to ask your rug dealer or professional rug cleaning company for padding. All professional rug cleaning companies should carry the manufacture suggested rug pad for your home or office. Average price range: $1.50sf-$1.85sf

Can I clean my rug pad? How do I clean it?
No, you cannot clean your rug pad. It is not a good idea to get it wet. You should fold the rug over and vacuum regularly to maintain and prolong the life of the pad.

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