Removing Unpleasant Odor Off Your Carpets

Hot Water Extraction Method

McLean, VA residents who want to remove the unpleasant odors from their carpets can do so by using different basic odor removal techniques. The odors can stick to the carpets and over the time the carpets can become a source of bad smell, at George Ayoub Carpet Care, we recommend carpet cleaning in McLean, VA done regularly to ensure that the carpets stay clean, safe and healthy.

Some of the unpleasant smells come from cigarette smoke or fires, and from the waste produced by dogs, cats and birds.  To a degree, some essential cleaning methods can successfully eliminate these odors from carpets and furniture such as couches and sofas.  Homeowners can treat the affected areas using cleaners and wet paper towels that they can buy from any store, this technique is the simplest and may possibly restore a fresh smell to the air.  It is important to mention that the products that treat odors quickly and give almost instant pleasant smells can cover the bad odor and the effect can function as a temporary relief but in fact the odors have not been actually eliminated.  Homeowners should do their homework first and be careful not to purchase products that simply cover up bad smells. We recommend professional carpet and rug cleaning done regularly.

The way homeowners can measure the success of the removal of bad smell off their carpets and furniture depends on detecting the source that produced the odor.  Cigarettes, dogs and cats wastes can be easily detected and often can be taken care of by homeowners who act quickly.  However, other sources can be much tougher and those range from sewer gas, and smells produced by food leftovers, and different oil-based materials, these are not just hard to remove, but they are also hard to detect. Trained and certified professional carpet cleaners can determine the source of contamination.  Once the source is discovered, specialized tools and procedures can be used and applied to properly to properly treat the affected areas. Certified carpet cleaners, are trained to treat and purify the surfaces that have been affected.

It is always great idea to treat the area quickly to remove the odor, homeowners should also consider pay for professional cleaning to en sure that contaminants that produce bad smells have been properly removed.

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