Professional carpet cleaning company in Reston, VA: How to Clean Dog Poop Out of Carpet

Cleaning dog poop out of carpet
Cleaning dog poop out of carpet

HAVE YOUR PETS BEEN NAUGHTY THIS WINTER? DON’T WORRY, Call the professional carpet cleaners in Reston, Sterling and Arlington, VA today! At George Ayoub Carpet not only will we clean your carpet and rugs but also sanitize, killing 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful compounds left behind from pet urine, vomit, and feces making your home a healthier and safer living environment.

Cleaning dog poop out of carpet

Before you start, remember that learning how to remove dog residue out of carpet is not just about removing it; the smell too. This is important even if you think that the smell or odor is gone. To remove pet residue off your carpet, do the following:

First, get started by removing the poop off the carpet right away, do not delay, this should be done as soon as you see the damage, you can use rubber gloves, paper towels or a dustpan.

Next, mix a detergent solution to apply to the affected area. To prepare the detergent solution, mix about 3 quarters of teaspoon of Non Bleach laundry detergent powder, with half gallon of water. After you’ve sprayed your rug or carpet with stain remover, apply a small portion of the mix you prepared to the affected area and blot any areas that have spots.  Make sure not to scrub forcefully as this can damage the rug or carpet fibers. Try to spray and blot few times and rinse out the cloth so that you’re not bringing back the excrement into the affected areas of the rug or carpet.

When notice the stain is gone, you can move on to the next step, use a cloth or paper towel to remove the extra liquid from the rug or carpet. With both hands, press hard or stand on the cloth with your foot. Keep repeating this step until the carpet is barely damp, change the cloth or towels if needed.

If you know how to clean dog poop out of carpet, you’ll be able to leap into action at first sight of an accident. But if that stain really won’t budge or you’re still smelling the odor days later, consider calling a professional carpet cleaning company like George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Cleaning. With our heavy-duty equipment and carpet cleaning expertise, the stain won’t stand a chance.


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