Green Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Sterling, VA

534301_origThe leading carpet cleaning company in Sterling Virginia offers the top cleaning services to its customers in Sterling, Arlington, Reston and the surrounding areas, George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care is proud to offer carpet and rug cleaning services using green eco friendly solutions. The usage of the green carpet cleaning material is part of the company’s way to protect the environment and the customers’ health. While many carpet cleaning materials may contain chemicals that can harm the environment,George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care chooses to use the safest material available to make sure that the health of people and their pets is protected. The green material used by the company is also more effective and provides better cleaning solution that can help keeping the carpets cleaner.

Jimmy Ayoub, the president of the company explained that the company has been trying to find the balance between the effective solution for carpet cleaning and eco friendly materials. The company decided to move forward towards using green eco friendly material years ago because the company is genuinely concerned about any potential harm that could affect the environment and the health of the people and their pets believing that chemicals can have a bad impact on the environment and to the health of people.

Although the cost of using green eco friendly material is higher, we have decided to use the safest material while keeping the price the same, said Jimmy Ayoub. The reason why homeowners and residents in Sterling, Arlington and Reston come back and refer their friends and relatives to us is because that they know that they are our number one priority, we build our operations around them, we hire expert technicians to make sure that our customers’ investment is protected. Using the eco-friendly carpet cleaning material can also help the carpets live longer, he added. The carpet cleaning services offered by George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care is considered one of the best, because the company is continually improving the quality of its services to meet and satisfy the demand of its customers for excellent carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services.

George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care is one of the most trusted companies that offer professional carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial in Northern Virginia. Honesty, experience and reliability are the reason why the company was able to maintain its good reputation for over 25 years. The staff of the company is well trained to ensure that all clients will get the best carpet cleaning services. To learn more about the George Ayoub Carpet’s services and products, please visit today.

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