Clean Carpets In Winter Is Important!

Clean CarpetsMost homeowners and business managers postpone carpet cleaning from December to March and sometimes late in April in different cities in Virginia including Sterling, Reston and Arlington thinking that with the rain and snow, it is better to hold off until spring. But in fact, there are many reasons why homeowners and business managers should get carpet cleaning service during the winter season. Carpet cleaning should not be postponed and it can be important in many different ways to have the carpet cleaned during this time. Among the reasons for this are the following:

Our Health: We spend much more time indoors during the winter season with windows closed and less fresh coming in. Soiled carpets can have allergens and pollutants that can impact the air quality which can affect those with allergy and even those without

Carpets become harder to clean: With more soil gather in the carpet fibers, it could make it harder to remove, and some spots can become stain which will make it even worse and more difficult to remove.

Carpets can get damaged: As a general rule, the longer soil the stays in carpet, the more damaging it becomes. Think of the soils as tiny daggers, with more foot traffic, these little daggers cut away at carpet fibers, shortening the life of the carpet.

Carpets dry faster: The winter season is often the toughest time of the year on the carpet for the reasons mentioned above and because of that, carpets often becomes dryer faster.

windowsMore appointment times available when you call your carpet cleaner: The spring and summer are generally busy seasons, some carpet cleaning technicians can be hard to book and in some cases you may end up waiting 2 or 3 weeks. Because winter months are generally slower, appointments are easier to book.

Lower cost, more saving: This is the best part for those who look for great deals. Many carpet cleaners offer generous discounts during the winter season.

If you live in Sterling, VA, Reston, VA or Arlington, VA and you consider getting your carpet cleaned during the month of January, George Ayoub Carpet offers a great discount on all services including carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning, give us a call at (703) 356-6186.

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