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Carpet Cleaning - Rug Cleaning - Blood Stain
Carpet Cleaning – Rug Cleaning – Blood Stain

Ask anyone with carpet, and they will agree that bloodstains are some of the hardest to remove. It is recommended to act quickly and before ordering carpet cleaning service.

Hemoglobin, one of the elements of blood, binds to oxygen.  This then bonds to the carpet fibers as well, making the removal of the stain more difficult.

It is always best to remove bloodstains while the blood is wet and fresh.  This will yield the best results. Besides, in the case of an injury, the last thing many want is a constant reminder of the injury nestled deeply in the fibers of carpet.

The obvious gross and unattractive look aside, bloodstains can be unhygienic.  It is always best to remove the stains quickly and get professional rug cleaning service

Start with cold water and blot.  Hot water and wiping the blood stain will only expedite the setting of the clotting, binding and bonding.

Vacuuming is also successful.  Simply vacuum until the stain is gone completely.

Dishwashing detergents and non-alkaline detergents are best.  Use a small dab on the finger, allow to set and then blot with cold water.

Spreading can be a factor at this crucial point, so use caution not to spread the blood.

Ammonia is also effective.  One part ammonia to three cups cold water and blot onto the stain directly.  Allow to sit before blotting, and take care not to inhale the ammonia vapors.

Very large stains and particularly tough ones may require professional assistance.  These professionals can remove the stains quickly and easily with their knowledge, equipment and skill.

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