Carpet cleaning in Reston, VA

Regular professional carpet cleaning does have major effect on the air quality inside the home. Carpets and rugs are a lot more than just floor covers – and they need good regular cleaning.

Carpet cleaning industry experts recommend that carpets should be cleaned professionally every six months but most people leave it much longer which may damage the carpets. Jimmy Ayoub the president of George Ayoub Carpet says many people tend to clean their carpets and rugs when they see them getting dirty – but many people do not know that by the time they actually see the dirt, the carpets and rugs are extremely dirty or may be damaged.

Carpet and rugs can function as giant air filter in our homes; they hold soil, bacteria, pollens, and chemicals. These pollutants stick to the carpet and rug fibers and claim the carpets their home, that’s why we tell our customers here in Sterling and Reston VA to schedule professional carpet cleaning every six months

George Ayoub Carpet offers the perfect carpet cleaning solutions that not only reduce the level of allergens, mold and fungus but also enhance the color and deodorizing carpet at the same time, says Jimmy.

The quick drying method we use allows homeowners to walk on the carpet after very little time so they don’t have to wait hours or days. He added

By getting carpet cleaning regularly, homeowners can enjoy their cleaner and healthier homes, and can help people with asthma and allergies breathe better.

Removing the residue from the carpet fibers prolongs the carpet’s life and eventually save money.

At George Ayoub Carpet & Rug care, we insure the best possible treatment for your carpets and rugs by providing products and services that are (ECO-friendly) and are approved by the carpet & rug institute for safer, healthier and fresher results. To schedule a free in-home consultation, please call (703) 356-6186 or visit

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