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iStock_000023915771_MediumGeorge Ayoub Carpet Care now serve customers in Arlington, VA.

Established in 1987, George Ayoub Carpet is the most environmental friendly, cost effective carpet cleaning company in Arlington, VA, we are located in Sterling and serving customer in Reston and now in Arlington. Our one of a kind method combines fully pet friendly and family safe products as well as a zero residue techniques. Our professional staff is fully licensed, well trained and certified.

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carpet_spotSpot cleaning is something we all deal with from time to time. There are  ways to clean a spot on your carpet, but there are things you should definitely avoid when it comes to carpet cleaning or rug cleaning:

No. 1: The use of over the counter carpet and rug cleaning products
Avoid using the over the shelf cleaners! In general we recommend not using these products because they can eventually damage the carpet fibers. You should not use those products marketed as “carpet cleaning sprays” or “carpet cleaning foams” not only because they do not do any good to your carpet, but also, the fact is many of them leave residue in the carpet fibers. The excess of the material from these products left in the carpet or rug will stay and will attract dust, and eventually will create brown spots in the area that you cleaned, so leave those products.

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Cleaning dog poop out of carpet
Cleaning dog poop out of carpet

HAVE YOUR PETS BEEN NAUGHTY THIS WINTER? DON’T WORRY, Call the professional carpet cleaners in Reston, Sterling and Arlington, VA today! At George Ayoub Carpet not only will we clean your carpet and rugs but also sanitize, killing 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful compounds left behind from pet urine, vomit, and feces making your home a healthier and safer living environment.

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banner01.jpgFor the homeowners who are looking for upgrading or maintaining their carpets or flooring, it is crucial for them to find the right carpet cleaning service available. Without have professional experience in the industry, homeowners can only trust and take the professional carpet cleaners at their word when talking about the effectiveness of their treatment methods whether it is hot water extraction or any other method. For this reason, a homeowner should rely on the reputation of the service provider, whether it is carpet cleaning service, rug or upholstery cleaning, the reputation of the service provider can make a big difference, At George Ayoub Carpet and Rug Care we promise our clients to always deliver excellence in an honest and ethical manner.

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6308345_origMany of us start feeling that urge to deep clean our homes when winter rolls around. In fact, the holiday preparation rituals are practically hard wires into the heads of most homeowners. But here is the question…why spend a lot of time cleaning right when holiday season is around the corner?
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