Arlington Carpet Cleaning: The benefits of green carpet cleaning

Green_Rug_CleaningThe benefits of green carpet cleaning go way beyond the environment and homeowners are always encouraged to choose environmental friendly carpet cleaning service. Here are some of the reasons why your carpet cleaning should be green:

Environmentally Friendly
Professional carpet cleaning companies in Arlington ,VA have switched from using heavy and possibly toxic chemicals to substitute products that are as effective and safer for the humans and environment together. Modern carpet cleaning methods put more focus on cleaning with natural materials than using chemical sto deal with tough stains and strong odors. The environmental friendly method that uses natural materials has proven to be safer not only for the homeowners and their family but also for the carpets as the natural substances can prolong the life of the carpet.

Safer for kids and pets
Steam carpet cleaning that uses natural substances are safer for humans and pets. Kids and animals’ skin can be sensitive to chemicals, and they are usually closer to the contacts than adults. If chemical material is used in the carpet cleaning, it may cause allergic reactions and maybe skin diseases.

George Ayoub Arlington Virginia Carpet Cleaning has adopted the environmental friendly carpet cleaning methods many years ago because we believe that steam carpet cleaning using natural substances is the right way to keep our clients’ homes safer and healthier.

Reduced Use of Water
For those of us who care about the shortage of freshwater worldwide, the green carpet cleaning offered a great solution that helps reducing the amount of water used in the carpet cleaning. The old carpet cleaning method used so much water in the carpet cleaning process to try to remove the toxic chemicals. The green carpet cleaning approach however significantly reduces the amount of water used in the carpet cleaning.

At George Ayoub Carpet, we believe that carpets and rugs can look clean, smell good and feel fresher using an environmental friendly carpet cleaning method, and we believe that avoiding the chemical substances can help prolongs the life of the carpets and rugs.

Call the professionals at Arlington carpet cleaning to insure the best possible treatment for your carpets and rugs, we provide products and services that are (ECO-friendly) and are approved by the carpet & rug institute for safer, healthier and fresher results. We also use truck mounted hot water extraction systems (also known as steam cleaning) to ensure the best possible method of cleaning and drying of your carpets. All of our trucks are staffed with professionally trained and knowledgeable technicians, to give you the best quality service that you deserve.

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