Top Rug Cleaning Company in Sterling, VA in 2018

george-ayoub-carpet-logoAt George Ayoub Carpet we use environmentally safe products that enhance the health and beauty of your home or office by removing not only objectionable general soiling, but also harmful bacteria and fungi.

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, our professional carpet cleaning team in Sterling VA can handle it. Whether it is an area rug or oriental rug our team will you provide you the best service you can find.

Many Sterling Virginia homeowners do not associate the quality of air inside their houses with carpets and rugs. Regular professional cleaning does have major effect on the air quality inside the home. Home particles such as dust, pollen and pet odor fall to the carpet and rugs which in this case serve as a magnet reducing their continued circulation in the air. Professional carpet cleaning can help removing the dust and allergens from the carpets and rugs and help keep them out of the air we breathe. – See more at:

“Always proficient with their work and there has never been a time where we have been displeased. Jimmy and George are very easy to work with and are always on time. It is a pleasure working with them and will continue to as long as their services are available.”

– Meridian, Arlington

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